Seven Gardens Residency

Seven Gardens Art Residency is a program I am launching in Kerman, Iran in May 2018. It is a residency for fine artists, writers and other creatives who are interested in learning more about the rich culture and history of Iran. 

Please email via the "contact" form with any questions you may have, and follow on Instagram at @sevengardensresidency.

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Haft Bagh-e Alavi is a new tourism project between Mahan and Kerman. The villa in is on this  28 km route, where there are many things to do including horseback riding, fine dining, and much more. Aside from all the activities in the area, you will also enjoy the beautiful large-scale sculptures dotted along the highway. 

The villa is an easy journey from both the airport and downtown. If this is your first visit to Iran you will be able to experience a great variety of what makes the country so special, while still being in total comfort. The beauty of the surrounding mountains and the cultural exchange experienced here are sure to spark creativity.


For our first residency season, we are offering shorter programs and a major discount on our program fee. This soft-launch will help us plan the budget, schedule, etc for our official launch of our longer program in 2019, and will also help out artists looking for an affordable yet enriching residency option.

We will provide all food (including groceries and some meals), airport pickup and drop off, 1 private bedroom and 2 semi-private bedrooms, shared studio space and some excursions in the cost of the program. Travel arrangements and expenses to get to Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani International Airport in Kerman are the responsibility of each individual resident. 

Application Process

Applications for 2018 now closed

To apply to the residency, fill in the application (downloadable via the link at the bottom of this section.)

In the "Seven Gardens Residency Store", pay the $15 application fee, and then send in the completed application form and all attachments by March 11, 2018. I will respond to all applications by March 20. Accepted residents will reserve their spot in the program by paying a $250 deposit, and pay the remainder of the fee in the spring, for a total of $400-$500 for their week-long residency (according to room choice). Please keep in mind that depending on your country of origin, you will likely need to get a tourist visa in advance to enter the country. 

Residents will be chosen based on the strength of their portfolios, their interest in Iranian culture, and their explanation for what they hope to learn or achieve on this week-long experience.

There are two sessions to choose from:

May 22-29

June 3-10

2018 Application

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Our Mission

The focus of the Seven Gardens residency is to learn about Iranian culture and history. Through activities such as artist talks, gallery visits, cooking demonstrations and lessons, craft workshops, field trips and meals out residents will get a deeper picture about the history and daily lives of Iranians. Residents from Iran are also welcome to apply to the program, as they would add valuable insights to our conversations, and hopefully learn some things about the Kerman area that they didn't know before.

Diversity is the main focus of the program. Historically, white male artists have been the focus of gallery collections and art history books. People in Iran, especially women, face extra boundaries keeping them from participating in the art world. I want to introduce residents to Iranian contemporary artists, making connections between these artists and the residents that will hopefully last past the duration of the residency. Hopefully as a group, we can brainstorm other ways to make these much needed connections.

I am looking for emerging and mid-career artists who are interested in Iranian culture and diversity in the arts, and who would like to attend a shorter residency where they would gather inspiration, meet interesting people, and do research and make quick artworks that would inspire later, more finished works. This residency isn't for people who want to make labour intensive works, like large sculpture, or who want lots of solo time to focus on making a full body of work. Artists using non-toxic and somewhat portable materials would be best, including photographers, writers, or artists working with acrylics, watercolour or drawing. There is no expectation for artists to exhibit or donate works in this residency.

Residents must be willing to follow the laws of Iran, including the rules of dress for men and women, and the laws against drinking and drugs.


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